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Wedding, Editorial & People Photography

What do you specialise in? 

People. I really love having real people in front of my camera. My main focus here will be wedding photography but I also love personal portrait sessions,  or creating bespoke photography for your soul business. 

If my work calls out to you, there's probably a reason. So don't be shy and tell me about you. 


Who's your dream client?  

There is an instant connection. In order to create something beautiful together, trust and that certain "click" are an absolute necessity. They know what they want, or in this case: who they want to work with and feel confident about their decision. 

What kind of weddings do you photograph? 

Kind of everything from an intimate elopement to a luxurious destination wedding. The main criteria is that there is mutual trust and instant sympathy between me and the couple. I used to travel all around the globe for my work (a lot!!!) and while I am thankful that my life has slowed down a little bit, I remain a traveler at heart and never shy away from grabbing my suitcase and hitting the road to a faraway destination. 

What inspires you? 

Nature plays an imminent role in my work. For as long as I can think, it has been the one thing I turn to, no matter the situation. So, naturally I love photographing people in nature. In their grounded state. I think there is something so beautiful about just sitting down on the forest floor, sort of like a remembering of being human and you can just see that on people's faces. That in general is I think what I look for the most: that connectedness to oneself and to others through genuine emotions, that natural and unfiltered beauty that comes with being embodied and grounded. 

And by beauty I don't mean beautiful in a stereotypical sense. It is when I can see a person's soul shine through and I can see them as they are. 

Nature does that. And love does that. It makes you show up fully and that's what I strive to capture in my Photography. 

Which photographers inspire you the most? 

That would be my all time favourite Peter Lindbergh. I have been admiring his work since forever. The way he was able to capture a woman's essence in his quiet, yet powerful style transcends the screen. 

And Jamie Beck. If you don't know her yet, you should definitely check her out, her feminine presence, attention to detail and the amount of love she pours into her work never fails to astonish me. 

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